Let’s try this again

It has become painfully obvious that, for me, social media takes more than it gives. My patience shrinks instantaneously. My passion for my life's work - which is not all that glamorous -hello motherhood- shrivels up. I lost what little vision I had gained over the few weeks I was away.

Flashes of Light in Darkness

When you've lived in a season of hard for a long time, a season that feels endless, where each step forward is met with crumbling ground, and each inch gained is met with forceful resistance, it is easy to let weariness become your baseline. But weariness was never meant to be our normal. We were created to have joy in the midst of all the terrible happenings, peace when chaos reigns supreme, and confidence in the one who writes the story.

Let’s catch up

Since I took a small hiatus from sharing life, I thought maybe a quick catch up was in order. Although many of the things I'm going to share really require their own space here. Because a lot has happened. And very little of it good.
In fact, we found ourselves handed one poop pie after the other over the past year and a half.