But sometimes you loose at breakfast

So after sharing my dinner victory story, I feel it only necessary to share my terrible loss at breakfast. Breakfast has always been my jam. Not that I like waking up and cooking. I don’t. I’m not a morning person. At all. But some of my kids are. And I’ve had to adapt. Because kids, they are always hungry. Always. Especially when they first wake up.

No. It’s not a love of mornings that makes me love breakfast. It is all they yummy baked goods. I’m talking coffee cake. Pumpkin scones. Banana bread. Muffins. Oh man. I love me some breakfast pastries. And a pile of over easy eggs, that can make my heart sing.

So this morning, I was going to make pancakes. I even bought real buttermilk (instead of just souring my milk with vinegar) because I knew it would just be better. I had all my dry ingredients mixed up and ready to go. All my wet stuff ready mix. And then….

How does that even happen. I love that measuring cup. It’s so big…but apparently, it wasn’t having it today. In fact, it puked all over my kitchen. And all over my bathrobe.

We have had an epidemic of breaking glass over the last few days. In fact, after cleaning up a glass the cats broke (thanks guys), a vase fell off a shelf and exploded.

In all honesty, I just kind of groaned and laughed it off. Buttermilk is easier to clean up thanks to its thick consistency. And there’s just no sense in crying over spilled milk.


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