Valentines confession

So here’s my valentine confession. I am absolutely head over heels for this guy

This is a rare moment where we got to sneak away for a date. Like…I am hiding slouched down in the seat because a kid was crying and looking for me and I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to leave if he spotted me…kind of sneak. Regular ninjas, the two of us.

I know, that’s not really a big surprise. Not much of a confession. But there’s two parts to this thing. See the other half of this confession is that it is really hard for me to make friends. To fit in. I’m too loud for the room. I say the wrong things. I come with a lot of extras…

I mean look at all those cuties (even the blurry one). I am a general mess most of the time. And I tend to close up the more stressed or angry I am. Which makes for explosive situations when you get through my shell.

But this guy, he loved me when I was still REALLY rough around the edges. I remember screaming in his face in front of people I didn’t know right after they found out we were engaged. And I’m so happy he chose to love me. And that he still chooses to every single day.

He loves our children so completely and teaches them incredibly important lessons. Like this…

That was a pit stop on our drive from Texas to California. Our son got out and said, “It’s so big!” Open spaces like he’d never seen before. We’ve put a lot of miles across the US in minivans with crying children. If you have ever road tripped, then you know what a testimony of love surviving that is. Especially if you have kids who get car sick. Or have explosive poopy diapers in their car seats.

This May we will celebrate 12 years of marriage. And while there are many more people who are much further along in their love story than we are, I love mine the most of all.

And in a world where we are told love doesn’t last and it isn’t worth the fight, I hope my voice is still too loud for the room declaring that it totally is. There is nothing more amazing than two people loving each other deeply and sacrificially. It’s not always sunshine and roses…life just isn’t. But I can testify to the fact that in this broken and imperfect world, I can see heaven when I am with this guy right here. Did I mention he makes me laugh?

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