I just wanted to scream

Let me set the scene. Reading lesson. Now teaching my kids to read has been my favorite thing so far with the two who are already readers. In our house, we don’t start any formal education until a child is showing reading readiness. Before that it is simply learn through play. Once they show they are ready though, that is the only thing they do for school time until they are reading. Because once you can read, you can do anything!

My son has been doing a fantastic job. We started “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” with him just a couple weeks ago. This is my first time using that curriculum and I am enjoying it. And Eleazar is picking up on it really well. Today he had a total meltdown. It quickly fell from frustration to him begging to go to bed because he was just too tired. Now I sat on the tipping point of a very delicate balance. See, I never want to discipline my children for having trouble with their school. But I did have to address the behavior. It just isn’t allowed in our house to throw a temper tantrum when you don’t get your way. And I was mad…because he was so close to being done with the lesson but refused to try again.

Instead of falling into my fleshly habits of yelling, I did everything I could to change his attitude. Tickles. Pillow bonks. Jokes. Reasoning with him. Finally, in my stern Mom voice I told him to look at me. And made this face

Attractive, right? But it made him laugh. One point for me! A couple silly faces later and we were back on track. Read the last two words and then he “went to sleep” right there on the chair. For 3 minutes and then was outside playing. So much for being tired.

As I cooked dinner tonight we had a round two of the meltdown, because the episode of Planet Earth we were watching didn’t have monkeys in it. Monkeys! It continued well into dinner and right when I hit my roof and was about to explode, I took him to the bathroom and calmly gave him two choices. Keep crying, go upstairs and wash the mud off his legs and go to bed. Or stop. Eat dinner and then take a bath. And in a very reasonable and mature moment, he decided to eat. And bathe. Two points for mama!

I don’t want you to think the whole day was chaos. There was this beautiful moment

where he took his training wheels off his bike by himself and then proceeded to blow me away by riding his bike!

So tonight I’m celebrating my victory (no matter how desperately I wanted to scream, I didn’t!) with an extra large glass of wine. Because I survived today. And I grew in self control. And honestly, just because I like wine.

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