When God sets you up

So I want to take a trip back in time a few months and share with everyone an incredible thing that happened. As you may know, Aaron spent two weeks working on a film in San Antonio. We went up for a quick overnight trip his first weekend there, because I was not about to miss an opportunity to tour a film set. Especially one my man was working on.

After our tour, my parents and I took the kids out to the Alamo and the Riverwalk. Two gems of San Antonio. We had a great time, but my story has nothing to do with those places. See, on our walk back to the car, we crossed paths with a man sitting on the side of the road with his puppy. I took notice of the way my daughter skirted around him, much to my dismay. This is a man, created in the image of God, and furiously loved by Him. I’ve tried to instill in my children a love for people, but I know they are still immature (as I am sometimes too), so I wanted to be sure that I didn’t avoid looking him in the eyes. As I passed by him I told him he had a beautiful dog and asked him how he was doing.

And when he looked up at me and answered, my heart broke a little. Because I saw why my 10 year old was leery to walk to close. He had tattoos covering his face, words that were none too kind. But his eyes kind of sparkled when he thanked me and said he was doing ok.

As we walked on I felt the Lord nudging me. Speaking softly for me to give to this man. So once I got to the car and got the kids all buckled up, we drove around the block and pulled into the parking lot behind him. I got out and offered him the little cash I had in my wallet and talked to him. Danny said he is heading out to California. He had gotten this far on a freight train and planned to hop another one out of town, he and his dog Ira.

I prayed for generous people to meet him along his journey, and then I left. No mountains visibly moved. But I hope that he was encouraged. I know I was. Because every time I am obedient to the Lord, He is faithful to follow through. I’m sure Danny is well looked after by “the big man upstairs” and I hope he recognizes how much he is loved.

But what really amazes me, is that I believe, this faithful encounter was a set up. A testing, if you will, of my obedience. For a miracle that I got to participate in the next day. You’ll have to come back and read more about how my faithfulness led to me having a part in Gary’s story.

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