When God sets you up…Pt. 2

If you haven’t read the first half of this story, you should check it out Here

My poor husband was fighting a severe cold on top of some chronic sickness, so I ditched the kids with the grandparents at a park and ran to Walmart for some tea and vitamin C for my hubs. And that was where I met Gary.

After I parked the car, I saw the sweetest puppy sitting next to a man. It looked so much like Danny and Ira, I thought I would say hello and see how they were doing. But as I walked up, the man walked around the side of the store to a shopping cart. His back was to me, and I debated with myself whether to bug him or not. But oh that gentle, unrelenting tug of the Holy Spirit that wouldn’t let me go. So I walked up and awkwardly (I’m ALWAYS awkward) said, “it’s Danny, right?” He turned around. And it definitely wasn’t. This man had no tattoos on his face, but he looked broken. I apologized, told him I thought he was someone I had met the day before who had a puppy just like his.

I talked to him, sked him how he was, if he needed anything. He told me how someone had beaten him up and stolen his phone. I know enough to know that if you don’t have a phone, no matter how desperately you work to get back on your feet, it is nearly impossible to get a job. You can apply, but without a contact number, most places won’t give you a second thought. So I offered to get him a new phone. He didn’t want me to. Politely told me that was too much. But I knew that God would have my back.

I went inside to get what I needed to for Aaron. Picked up a phone and some extra minutes for Gary. When I went back out, I got down on the ground (as best I could with my bum knee) and spent a few minutes with him. Leaned a little more into the Lord. I really felt like God wanted me to share that He was proud of Gary. That He saw him and knew his heart and was proud. So I prayed with Gary. Prayed for a job. For a place to live. For people to come alongside him as he journey out of his rut. For hope to be restored in his life. And as we finished praying, someone else walked out of Walmart and handed him some treats for his dog and a little cash.

Immediately his eyes lit up. His face broke into a smile. Gary told me he had been there all day trying to figure out how to get a new phone. That he had gotten $4. And then I showed up and he was not only blessed with a phone but more than what he was hoping for. I told him that God loves him. And that it is God who provided that stuff for him. And I no longer saw a broken man. I saw a man with chains that had just been broken off him. I saw hope restored in front of my eyes. I saw joy (even if it was just a little) come back to his kind eyes. I promised to keep praying for Gary. And I am, but more than that, I am looking forward to the day I see him again and can hear the testimony that God has given to him.

As I left and as I told my husband about Gary, I knew that moment would not have played out the way it had if I had given myself an excuse to not respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading the day before. Faithfulness to obey makes our hearts tender to hear more from the Lord. It is the faithfulness in the little things that brings growth in our lives.

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