Accidental Atmosphere

I declared today a day of rest from school. We homeschool year round to allow me to take mental health days whenever I, or my kids, need them.

I had intended to spend my day reorganizing a messy shelf in our schoolroom and then lay out the week, but I only got through the shelf. One child asked if they could play with clay. Another wanted to paint. And within 30 seconds, I had all 5 kids around there tables tackling some sort of creative art project. I even got a few birthday cards (my birthday isn’t for another 5 weeks) out of it!

Having successfully cleaned up, and I have to confess the kids did a great job of not creating a catastrophe, we had a quick lunch followed by a run in the sprinklers and a visit to the duck pond. We tried feeding momma duck and she tried biting me. Did you know ducks puff up their feathers and huff when they are mad? Just a great big “Haruphf”. Then they bite you.

When we made it home and I grabbed the mail we opened a package from the ever so wonderful Amazon. Our school books for the next couple weeks were in there along with these colorful geoboards that I have been waiting to buy for, pretty much forever. Four of the five kids sat right down on the floor and played quietly with them for a whole half hour. And the oldest was in her room with an audio book.

We wrapped up our day playing with the neighbor kids and My youngest daughter said, “We are doing so much fun things today.” I even mentioned to my husband earlier in the day that everyone was so joyful. That it was the mood I was desiring to have in our home always. My heart’s desire is to cultivate an atmosphere of peace and joy in our home. A welcoming place where we can all explore life together and have fun. One where we learn and grow together. I know it takes work to create a space with that atmosphere, but today I stumbled on it by simply being available and saying yes to the things that presented themselves throughout our day. Tomorrow I will try again, but this time with some formal learning in the mix too.

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