Poo under paper

I think all too often people see me as having my act together. I have had many people tell me I’m some sort of rock star or super hero. If anyone was thinking that, let me just clear things up for you a bit…my life, more than the fairytale people have spun…is often like this picture I snapped this morning

Like a pile of poo on the floor kindly covered with a pile of toilet paper. I love that someone was thoughtful enough to cover it. But not quite kind enough to pick it up and toss it in the toilet. The toilet that is literally, Right. There.

Which leads me to wonder…who pooped on the floor? All of my children are potty trained at this stage in life. I don’t think it was any of them

And I’m fairly certain when I went to bed last night, this pile wasn’t there.

So was a cat covering up for the dog? Did the dog develop some form of magic toilet paper skills? I have no clue.

But I do know that I cleaned up the poo, made myself some coffee, and laughed over the fact that someone hid poo under toilet paper next to the toilet.

And in a out 4 minutes, the first of my little people will wake up. I haven’t even poured my coffee yet, because I wanted to share this with you.

Because I think it is important that everyone knows, we’ve all got poo hiding under toilet paper somewhere in our lives.


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