Wonky Pots Still Hold Plants

As I’ve been surviving this, what seems never ending, season of hard, I’ve been trying my hand at new things. I took up watercolor painting which I love. Desperately. That started simply one night as I wept in my bed, worshipping, wondering when it would ever end, and why were we walking through all these things. And as I laid there, crying alone, I got the urge to go paint. So I did.

Now mind you, I hadn’t painted since it was a requirement in school, unless we are talking about walls – I love painting the walls in a home! But as I sat, I just let my emotions pour out. My resolve that no matter what, no matter how dark, nothing would steal my worship, because God is always good and always worthy, and He never, ever fails.

My husband got home from a late night of classes to find me hours later still painting. And I haven’t stopped. What started out as a heart cry

Turned into a hobby and a passion

It has been such a release for me. So I tried another media and painted something in acrylic.

Not too bad for a first time. So I threw a pot. I have an abundance of plants, because somewhere along the way I discovered that living things in my life make me happy. But that pot turned out wonky.

A thing that would have previously left it unfinished, unloved, and hidden away in a closet until I figured it was ok for me to throw it away without guilt. Instead, I’ve chosen to embrace the wonkiness of this little pot. I threw some paint on it. I put a Christmas cactus in it. I gave it a place on my huge plant shelf. And I am celebrating the truth that wonky pots still hold plants, and that broken people still walking out their healing still hold the Spirit of God in them. Perfection is not a requirement for usefulness in the kingdom of God. A truth I am reminding myself of today.