Hey there!  Welcome to my not so quiet corner of the internet.  I’m Sarah.  Wife to an incredible man; my own personal superhero.  Mother to 5 wildly different children.  Homeschooler and homemaker.  Trying to find my own little piece of solitude and beauty in the world as I chase after whatever the Lord has in store for my life.

My life is pretty crazy.  My days are full…and my nights, still sleepless.  But it is such beautiful chaos, and I, personally, can’t imagine it any other way.  Its loud, it’s messy, it’s so, so much fun.  And sometimes, let’s be real, it’s no fun at all.  So let’s share in each other’s joy, and sorrow.   Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, maybe a muffin.  Climb up on to the couch next to me and lets try to do this life thing together.  Because we were never meant to do it alone.