Trust, in the face of Discouragement and Fear

Somehow the cacophony of chaos drowned out the voice of the Holy Spirit whispering Jubilee over my life. Every time we would catch our breath, someone would throw another crap pie in our faces. It has been an endless cycle trying to scramble out of the pit, only to have the walls collapse under our feet.

Wonky Pots Still Hold Plants

As I've been surviving this, what seems never ending, season of hard, I've been trying my hand at new things. I took up watercolor painting which I love. Desperately. That started simply one night as I wept in my bed, worshipping, wondering when it would ever end, and why were we walking through all these … Continue reading Wonky Pots Still Hold Plants

Choosing Worship Over Worry

I don't have the strength right now to walk with intense faith, but I can, from my emptiness, declare God's faithfulness and goodness over my life. So right now I'm choosing worship over worry. Choosing, intentionally, to drown out my fears and concerns with songs that declare my God's faithfulness, kindness, and goodness.