Happy New Year

Happy New Year. It’s been a minute, or something more like 364,000 minutes. Yeah, I looked it up.

It is strange to me to think about that. That I started this blog with the intention of sharing, with whomever may read, my life, struggles and lessons learned along the way. But for some reason, I fell into the same pit that keeps me bound and downcast in so many areas of my life.

But now it is a new year, and for the past 2 months, the Lord has been whispering that it is time to start writing again. And I’ve been quietly ignoring the prompting, or outrightly being Moses telling him I’m just not qualified. So here I am, saying hello again. To anyone who may still be around. Or anyone new. Or nobody at all. Hello, and Happy New Year.

And also, be prepared for some very, very real life stuff coming up here. Because it is messy up in this life, and I’ve come to understand that things are better when you know you’re not the only one swimming in a pool full of poo.


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